15 Exciting Activities to do When Camping Alone

The first times I went on camping I was by myself. The idea may sound intimidating at first, although it could be one of the best ways to discover yourself and your surroundings. Still, having so much time with no one around you could get boring. For that, it is essential to get familiar with some activities to do when camping alone.

There are a lot of things you can do when you are in nature by yourself. You may go fishing, swimming, cloud watching and even sunbathing. You may also get creative and do some of your favorite hobbies – painting, photographing, writing and doing some yoga, for instance.  These are merely a few examples – keep on reading to find out some more!

1. Go Fishing

Fishing is a skill that is learned and perfected over time. All you need is your waders, sunglasses, some fishing lines, bait, and a chilled lake.

Cast your fishing lines with the bait in a spot with a high probability of fish and wait for the magic to happen. In the meanwhile, you may enjoy the beauty of nature and the serenity of the water as a whole.

Fishing is a relaxing activity which could easily unwind the stress in life and allow you to enjoy yourself. Besides, and as much as necessary, there is a good chance you will catch dinner!

Here is a useful video describing things you should bring when you go fishing while camping:

2. Try Swimming

Camping is an activity with no age limit – and so is swimming. Safety is crucial if you decide to go with this activity, mostly when you are camping by yourself.

If the water is reasonably clean and you do know how to swim – do not hesitate to jump into the water. Swimming would provide you with the recreational sensation that you deserve in addition to a proper workout and body relaxation.

3. Take a Nice Sunbathe

If you wish an activity which requires no preparation – there is no alternative to a proper sunbathe. Position yourself in a comfortable posture under the sun and let the sunshine in.

Although, when you are out there by yourself, it is essential to choose the time to do so. Remember that too much light exposure may be harmful to your health and could even end up with sunburns.

For that, early morning sun and late evening sun are mostly advised. Sunlight could also contribute to vitamin D synthesis and reduce the level of cholesterol in your body!

4. Cloud Watching

Cloud watching could seem like a boring activity, although I’ve found picturing different figures in the sky quite amusing. When you go solo camping – you will have some moments of boredom – that is okay.

Still, following the clouds in the sky is the sweet type of boredom since it allows you to stimulate your imagination. Watch the clouds and form whichever shape pops to mind.

The minute you have one – immediately switch back and forth and figure out whether or not you’ve pictured the same figure once again. Cloud watching may nourish a global conscience and pass the time wonderfully.

5. Get Creative

Getting creative in the wild could be one of the most delightful activities you can do while camping alone. Hobbies play an essential role in this section, and I bet you’ll love it.

Frankly, you can do anything you like out there; draw some painting, take photographs, play some music or write a secret diary to bring back memories in the future.

Getting creative would help you to connect with your imagination, inner self, and nature as a whole. When you get back home, share the things you’ve created with your loved ones – they will surely like it.

6. Relax with Yoga & Meditation

Having an aim and objectives is common when you go on your private journey. Well, doing some yoga and meditation will keep you focused on these particular goals.

This activity is mostly done with the help of a guide, although you could watch some Youtube videos and quickly learn how to do it by yourself.

It might be difficult at first, but I assure you it will ease over time. With yoga, your endurance, balance, flexibility and physical strength are improved.

Besides, meditation could uplift once emotion, manage stress and impressively improve concentration.

7. Explore The Area

Creating fun activities for yourself is essential when camping alone, although knowing your environment should come first.

Even though it could be exciting on its own, exploring your area would prevent you from making camping mistakes. For instance, you may find yourself a better shelter for the night and protect yourself from the upcoming rain.

Take a few nature walks and hike around your campsite – if you’ve found something interesting – take a picture or write about it in your diary.

When you explore the area, you naturally get into the adventurous atmosphere and turn your experience much more exciting.

8. Bird Watching

Nature is undoubtedly an extraordinary phenomenon with thousands of beautiful living organisms. Bird watching does fall into the list of breathtaking activities you can do when camping alone.

Bring along a birds book and keep yourself a record of the birds you’ve watched and read about their history of evolution. That would both keep you entertained and help you better understand the environment.

Keep your dressing natural and try not to stick out – be united with the wilderness and try not to stress the beautiful, living creatures.

9. Cook Your Meal

Cooking is a skill and an art which continually changes and requires training to reach perfection. Nevertheless, it could be polished over time and pass your time while you are camping alone.

Pick your favorite ingredients of the food you would like to prepare, build yourself a campfire and start cooking. You could also use a camping stove if you feel uncomfortable with burned woods.

Take a taste of meal you cooked and enjoy it under the falling stars. Even if you lack experience – when you are out there by yourself, there is no one to judge you.

The experience of cooking your favorite meal will give you a sense of control and pride. If you like, you may print yourself some recipes upfront and bring the instructions to your journey.

10. Gather Some Firewood

Fire is essential during camping, especially when you go camping alone. I suggest that you collect the wood during the day when there is sufficient sunlight, for the wild is hard to manage once the sun goes down.

Put on appropriate clothing with long sleeves so you may keep yourself warm and prevent broken branches scratches.

If you’ve packed a rope – take it along; some essential camping knots will help you gather your logs. Face your fears and enjoy the beauty of nature the wild has to offer.

If you’ve found some wet logs – don’t hesitate and take them along as well. You may be surprised, although there are few ways to light wet firewood and make it burn all night long.

11. Set Up Your Campsite

Setting up your campsite could be challenging when you are out there by yourself. Preparation is crucial and you have to ensure that you have the right tools for the job.

The location of your campsite is also essential for it has to be on a strategic location based on the ground level and condition – some areas may end up with a leaking tent.

The availability of water and the accessibility of rescue should also be considered, in a case things start to go wrong. Start working on your campsite as early as you can – it would be much more difficult without a proper vision.

One of the things you should first do is hanging up a tarp above your tent – it would protect you from the harsh weather conditions. You could also place it underneath – it does too have its advantages.

12. Watch The Sunset & Sunrise

Time management is one of the many qualities one has to own to survive. Watching both the sunset and the sunrise would help you get a better sense of time when you have no companion.

The beauty of nature is also at its peak during these few minutes of sunset and sunrise, a view you most certainly wouldn’t like to miss.

Try to wake up as early as you can, position yourself to the east and get yourself comfortable. You may also bring your favorite book, your music player and some soft drinks to enhance your excitement.

13. Make Yourself a Map

Knowing how to draw a map is a skill not all of us have, although it could improve through training. A map of your area could be the first map you’ve ever made – that is okay.

Drawing one would help you understand your surroundings better and force you to take a more in-depth look around you. Try drawing some proper distance proportions, directions, landmarks and physical features of your environment.

Since you are camping alone, you have all the time you need to gather the data. When you get back home, you may share your drawings with your beloved ones, explaining them in details where your adventure took place.

14. Take Your Pet For a Walk

Some would say that camping with a pat isn’t considered as being alone, although if you do have one, a little companion couldn’t harm you.

Dogs are great companions and feature the additional senses to protect you when danger is approaching you. Taking your pet for a walk in the wild would also bond the two of you and deepen your relationship.

15. Go Hunting

Hunting is an exciting, mind-blowing activity you can do when you spend some time in the wild. Of course, you should pick that particular one if you are well experienced and know how to handle your weapon.

Choosing the right hunting equipment is vital for it depends on factors such as the size and location of your target.

If hunting is permitted in your area, spend some time watching Youtube videos or reading online guides to ensure you do it safe and right. You may also ask the locals for a better understanding of your environment and its rules to avoid any possible mistakes.

What Should I do When I Run Out of Activities?

I’ve listed here quite a lot of activities you may do when you go camping alone. Nevertheless, when you have so much time on your own, you would probably run out of ideas once in a while.

From my experience, one of the best solutions for that is rewriting what you’ve done so far. Whether it’s a personal diary, a piece of paper or even a postcard – grab a pencil and try to recreate your experience from memory. 

What is great about it is that you can read the things you’ve written, even years after, and get the same spectacular sensation of spending some time outdoors.

Also, when you get bored, you may reach to the people who are close to you from everyday’s life. Camping alone doesn’t mean you have to be entirely isolated – you may bring your personal cell-phone and call to your beloved ones.

If you don’t have any reception, try reaching a spot with some Wifi – it could be a restaurant, a bar or perhaps a groceries store. Once you have an internet connection you don’t need reception – you may call via Whatsapp app, for instance.

Do I Need Previous Practice For These Activities?

Each activity I’ve listed seems to require a specific practice, although the beauty in camping is that you can consistently learn from your mistakes.

If you have a fishing rod, for example, you may try fishing in the wild for the first time in your life. It could be you won’t be catching anything at all, although you have gained experience and you will probably improve over time.

One of the advantages of being alone is that there is no one to judge you – feel free to be yourself and do silly things.

Still, if you do have an idea in mind and you would like to make the best of it while camping, you may bring some helpful books or watch online videos for a better practice.


Camping alone could sound both scary and boring – I guess these are the two main excuses that will prevent you from going.

Nevertheless, from my experience, being out there by yourself is the best way to discover the inner you and feel the beautiful, surrounding nature.

I’ve listed here fifteen activities you may do when you go camping on your own. Still, I suggest that you spend some time thinking about your own ideas – these you would probably enjoy the most.

When you run out of ideas – rewrite what you’ve done so far and tell all about it to your beloved ones who are sitting at home, waiting for your return.

I hope my article gave you a little sense of adventure and encouraged you to start your spectacular journey. If you have some creative ideas – let me know all about them; I would certainly add them to the list.

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