How to Make Camping Romantic? (8 Activities For Couples)

Many time I’ve decided to go camping by myself. For some of you, it may sound weird, although there is that special feeling you get when you are in the wild on your own. Nevertheless, there were also a few times I shared a wonderful time under the stars with my loved one. Let me show you a few tips on how to make camping romantic so that you too get a few unforgettable memories.

Here are 8 tips to make camping romantic:

  • Take a sweet dance around the campfire with your favorite type of music.
  • Enjoy a wild-card game with a few touches to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Prepare your spouse’s favorite meal over the campfire.
  • Make sure that you visit the ideal, romantic destination.
  • Share a supersize sleeping bag with your partner under the falling stars.
  • Get rid of all the electronics and turn all the attention to your companion.
  • Share a hot, portable shower in the wild.
  • Get yourself a hammock for two and share the beautiful scenery around you.

1. Dance Around a Little

The outdoors has a way of making your exuberant and carefree, and you can always channel this energy into incredible moments of romance by dancing a little. Maybe you have just had a beautiful meal together, and you are both happy and excited and in a great mood.

You can turn up the stereo and play your favorite tracks, then get your lover on their feet and start dancing. All you need for this to work is a pleasant playlist with your favorite songs you can dance to. 

A good set of portable speakers is also necessary, but be sure to choose the right moment. Anywhere from the time the sun is setting should work out pretty good. The best thing about a campfire dance is that you don’t even need shoes, and there is usually no pressure from any audiences.

Out there, just you and your lover, possibly dancing away under the moon and stars and enjoying priceless moments together in each other’s arms. This is a great way to enjoy beautiful light moments and make your camping a genuinely worthwhile experience.

2. Enjoy a Card Game

A game of cards is always a great way to kill an evening, but it can also be a fantastic way to turn on the romance during your camping trip. All you have to do is adding a few touches.

When it is just you and the love of your life, you can break all the rules and make a fascinating evening of fun and romance with nothing but a deck of cards.

Winners can receive messages, private dances, and so forth. You could also play naughty games like strip poker. The possibilities of making the game into an exciting adventure full of romance are virtually endless. 

Imagine what it would be like to enjoy such a game outdoors under cozy weather with a warm campfire to keep you company? It can get pretty romantic, right?

When you get the romance right, this game is sure to become the highlight of your camping trip. Best of all – in this game, there can be no losers, just winners as two hearts that cannot live without each other draw even closer to each other.

3. Prepare a Romantic Meal For Your Love

Just because you are camping, it does not mean you cannot share a romantic meal with your partner (got that idea from zipoutdoors). In fact, under a camp setting, meals can be especially romantic, given how refreshing being out in nature can be.

Sure, you might have shared several meals throughout your camping already, and so, sharing a meal might not feel like an especially romantic gesture for you.

Except that it can be if you prepare yourself properly. First of all, the meal should be unique, preferably her/his favorite. You can even make a short trip back to civilization to get the ingredients you need. 

You merely have to make a little more effort and go all out if you have to by setting the scene so that the date is genuinely romantic. You can set up the meal around a campfire, if the weather allows it, and you can even enjoy watching the beautiful sky afterward. 

Alternatively, you can set up the dinner table inside the tent, with romantic candlelight. Since you want the night to feel romantic, a rose or even a bottle of wine can make everything feel extra special.

Don’t forget to dress up a little for the meal as well; it will surely go a long way in making the entire experience unique and memorable for the both of you, which is what you are aiming at here.

If you are up to the campfire idea, I encourage you to read an article I’ve written on how to make a campfire for cooking. It doesn’t matter what meals you are up to; I gathered there all the different techniques I could find to make all kind of food.

4. Visit The Ideal Destination

If you know that some romance will be an essential aspect of your camping trip, then choose a destination that will make things more romantic for both of you.

For instance, you should probably avoid going to camping places that will be full of other campers, since it can be a challenge to turn on the romance when you have to mingle with other campers, especially families with small kids.

Instead, you should probably choose a remote and exclusive location where you will get to spend time together without outside distractions (great advice from this source).

Alternatively, you can choose a camping site that can offer excluded places where you can take your spouse and enjoy fun romantic moments with each other.

While selecting a camping scene, make sure you also consider the scenery, as some places offer fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Camping close to the beach can also be quite fun, as oceans are always beautiful and exciting, which can give you a lot of special moments together.

For that, I highly recommend you learn the essential techniques through the article I’ve written on how to pitch a tent in the sand. It would also become handy if you wish to spend a romantic night in the desert.

Another factor that should go into choosing the ideal camping destination is the kind of activities that you can enjoy close by. Spending the day enjoying things like swimming, visiting caves, and visiting wildlife parks can make for genuinely romantic experiences.

Here is a must-see video I’ve found that goes through 5 romantic camping spots which are highly recommended. I highly suggest you watch this if you haven’t yet picked your destination.

5. Get a Supersize Sleeping Bag

Cuddling and snuggling together after a day of camping fun can take your romance to the next level. This is easier to achieve when you bring with you an oversized sleeping bag instead of two single sleeping bags. 

Luckily, there are a lot of options you can use here, and you can choose a double sleeping bag that can hold the two of you (according to outdoordo).

Alternatively, you can use the air mattress that you’ve brought for a charming and beautiful place to spend the night as a couple. Make sure you also bring with you comfortable pillows and blankets. 

Yes, you can feel comfortable as you can camp. In fact, you will doubly appreciate this little luxury after spending a day in the rough outdoors.

The closeness you feel as you relax and enjoy each other’s company after a day of camping can be so romantic. So, think about your sleeping arrangements carefully if you to have a romantic camping trip planned.

6. Put Away The Phones & Electronics

Smartphones are very effective at keeping us apart, even when we are next to each other.

Therefore, there is no better way to create a deeper connection between you and your spouse than to put your phone away so that you can enjoy quality uninterrupted moments together.

These days, checking on the phone every other minute seems reasonable. Therefore, to make sure that you give each other undivided attention, you should switch off or at least keep away your phones while you spend quality moments together. 

The last thing you need is to have your friend call while you are in the middle of a passionate kissing session. You can watch television together, cuddling together as you do it.

But any personal electronic devices will only increase the distance between you, and that will only make it harder for you to create a romantic connection that you desire.

You don’t have to shut off your phone and forget about it. Just keep it on silent so that you don’t miss any critical communications, while also ensuring that intrusive calls or texts do not interrupt the precious moments you are trying to create with your partner.

Obviously, after things have cooled down, you can check your phones then and see if any essential communication attempts were made while you were enjoying the love of your life.

If you still wish to use your phones, you may create a romantic atmosphere by sharing a few photos with your beloved one. For that, I highly recommend that you read another article I’ve written on how to get internet access while camping

In there, I gathered you six different, elaborated ways, followed by some useful videos. I’ve also spent a few hours explaining there how to stay safe while using WiFi in public areas such as campsites.

7. Share a Hot Shower

A hot shower? While camping? Yes, and yes. You can take a romantic shower with the love of your life even though you are miles away from civilization. To achieve this, you can get a portable shower. 

With this shower, you can take a shower together after a long day, which can be incredibly romantic, considering what a vast luxury a shower can be at most camping sites.

In fact, I’ve dedicated a whole article explaining how to make a camping shower. I’ve spent more than two days going through the steps (from years of experience), and even included a few instructions on how to make a heater for warm water.

Also, I have included there a few techniques on how to make it private so that you won’t be exposed to other people. Hence, if you consider that idea; I highly suggest that you take a look at this.

Anyway, with this portable shower, you should fill a bucket with water, preferably warm, and place the end with the suction in it and then turn on the shower to enjoy a warm, pleasant shower before cozying up together afterward.

This can be a truly romantic way to end an evening. This romantic move obviously requires prior preparation. You can even go all out and get a portable hot shower, which is a system that puts out hot water through a showerhead.

This would help you enjoy a warm and relaxing shower even though you are in the middle of nowhere. Obviously, warm showers you never wish to end can be truly romantic, and they can set the tone for an exciting and enjoyable evening of love.

8. Get a Hammock For Two

Hammocks are incredibly relaxing, and they are a perfect way to watch the sky and its mysterious beauty with the love of your life in your arms. Few things can be as romantic as cozying up in a hammock with your romantic partner as you share sweet nothings.

These hammocks can take a lot of weight, and some are wiggling around as well. With the cracking of a campfire close by, spending time on a hammock with the love of your life can make your camping an enjoyable experience.

You can imagine what it would feel like waking up and finding yourselves in each other’s arms after a beautiful night together. Just be sure to choose camping locations that would let you enjoy this kind of fun since cold weather would certainly turn force you to put this romantic plan on hold.

Are you worried you won’t be able to hang a hammock on your desired campsite? Make sure you check out the article I’ve written on how to hang a hammock without trees.

This post goes through all the methods I could find across the internet, including the essential knots you should know if you have no previous experience.


Camping may seem like a dirty experience which could be far from romantic. Nevertheless, there are a few ways you could take advantage of the outstanding views of nature and turn them into unforgettable memories to share with your spouse.

I hope that my article had shed a brighter light on your adventure with your partner and created a few moments to be remembered. If you have any insights of your own, let me know all about them by leaving a comment below!

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