How Much do Climbing Shoes Cost? (With 55 Examples)

Climbing shoes can make or break your mounting climbing trip. They are an essential piece of gear on which you cannot compromise. Climbing shoes are so important that when you’re procuring your climbing gear, they should be on top of your list. A substandard one can result in an injury. The problem is that not everyone has the liberty to spend as much as they want on climbing shoes. That is why the question of how much do climbing shoes cost is pretty apparent.

I will today share with you a rough estimate holistically as well as according to the type of climbing shoes which you plan to buy. As a result, purchasing the right one without burning a hole in your pocket will be easy. I will go into not only the distinction of climbing shoes but also the specific types along with their cost range to help you understand how much would the climbing shoes cost you.

Here is a summarized table which describes how much do climbing shoes cost:

Shoe TypePrice Range
Neutral Climbing Shoes $45 – $200
Moderate Climbing Shoes $60 – $140
Aggressive Climbing Shoes $60 – $260
Trad Climbing Shoes$30 – $200
Sport Climbing Shoes$65 – $200
Bouldering Climbing Shoes$120 – $200
Leather Climbing Shoes$60 – $140
Synthetic Climbing Shoes$45 – $170
Lace Closure Climbing Shoes$50 – $170
Velcro Closure Climbing Shoes$70 – $140
Slipper Climbing Shoes $60 – $240

Form Factor Distinction

Are you wondering what exactly the form factor means?

The form factor is divided based on the downturn. The shoe can either have a neutral downturn or a moderate downturn or aggressive downturn (source). I will go into these three types below to help you understand how much each one will cost you.

1. Neutral Climbing Shoes

The neutral climbing shoes are the most comfortable shoes which you can use during the climbing trip. They seldom have any downturn, either. They are perfect for warm-up climbs and multi-pitch climbs.

I prefer them as they are easy to jam in the cracks. Another advantage of these shoes is that the sole is on the thicker side (source). So, durability is not a problem. If you’re starting in the world of climbing, you cannot ignore these shoes. Here are a few examples of neutral climbing shoes, along with their price range.

  • Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Hiking Water Shoe: $60.79 – $114.99
  • Black Diamond Mens Lace Climbing Shoes: $76.46 – $198.28
  • Columbia Men’s Redmond Low Hiking Shoe: $57.31 – $160.26
  • Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe: $59.95
  • Mad Rock Kids’ Mad Monkey Climbing Shoe: $44.95 – $45.00

The neutral climbing shoes can cost between $45 – $200. The variance is due to the difference in construction quality.

2. Moderate Climbing Shoes

Looking for a well-balanced climbing shoe?

If yes, you should go with a moderate downturn in climbing shoes. The advantage of these shoes is that they have a slight downturn profile. If you’re looking for climbing shoes that you can use during technical climbs, you can go with these options. The grip which they have on offer is more secure than the neutral ones.

The sole is a bit thinner so that they can achieve the downturn which you need. Nonetheless, the sticky rubber means that the grip is much higher. It is perfect for more challenging routes than the warm-up ones. Here are a few examples of moderate climbing shoes, along with their price range:

  • La Sportiva Men’s Rock Climbing Shoe: $69.98 – $87.95
  • Boreal Ninja Climbing Shoe: $119.95
  • Climb X Gear Red Point Climbing Shoe: $59.95 – $69.95
  • Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe: $159.85 – $160.00
  • So iLL The Street Climbing Shoe: $138.95 – $139.00

Their cost varies between $60 & $140.00, as highlighted in the examples above. If you notice carefully, the minimum price steps up as compared to the neutral shoes.

3. Aggressive Climbing Shoes

Are you an experienced climber? Do you often undertake the most challenging climbing routes?

If yes, aggressive climbing shoes are the best option for you. They can help you tackle any terrain. They are asymmetric in shape. The curving toe end makes it easy for you to get the hold which you want.

The construction and the design of the shoes are that they have very little extra space inside. It is to ensure that you can get a snug feeling. The snug feeling provides you with an excellent grip.

If your criteria while choosing the climbing shoes are to go for the ones that provide maximum grip, you can consider these shoes.

  • La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe: $180.00
  • Scarpa Men’s Vapor V Climbing Shoe: $99.95 – $199.00
  • Climb X Rock-It Strap Climbing Shoe: $59.95
  • Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe: $147.05 – $251.31
  • Mad Rock Drone Climbing Shoe: $128.90 – $129.99

Of course, the cost of these shoes will be higher as well. They can range from $60 up to $260 or even more.

Terrain Tackling Distinction

Do you often undertake only terrains of a particular type?

If yes, choosing a terrain-specific shoe will be the right choice for you (source). I will share with you the different terrain-specific climbing shoes which you can choose from.

I will also highlight their corresponding costs, which will help you understand how much you will have to shell out to buy such a shoe.

4. Trad Climbing Shoes

Trad climbing shoes are perfect for getting a proper grip on vertical terrain. They are great for jamming as well. Additionally, they can handle weight surface as well, which means that if you’re going out in the monsoons, it is one of the best shoes.

Many of the flat climbing shoes or neutral climbing shoes fall under this category. The comfort level of these shoes is on the higher side, and they often come along minimal heel/toe rubber construction to protect your feet.

If you plan on negotiating thin cracks as well as vertical surfaces along the entire route, these are the shoes that you should buy.

  • Black Diamond Mens Lace Climbing Shoes: $76.46 – $198.28
  • SCARPA Men’s Spin Ultra: $148.95 – $149.00
  • Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe: $59.85 – $107.02
  • Evolv Men’s Royale Climbing Shoe: $29.88 – $88.85
  • Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoes: $94.98 – $199.00

These shoes can set you back by $30 to $200. As you can notice, these are some of the most affordable climbing shoes. However, you do not have the direct freedom to choose them. It is crucial to take into account the type of terrain which you will negotiate before making this decision.

5. Sport Climbing Shoes

Are you going on a trail with an incline? Well, If it is not entirely vertical, you can go with sport climbing shoes. For example, if you are heading onto the Smith Rock climbing trail, this is the shoe that you should choose. The boots have an aggressive downturn so that it becomes easy for you to negotiate the incline.

They can have a Lace closure or Velcro. The slingshot style ensures that the efforts required on your part to negotiate the terrain or on the lower side. Typically speaking, the construction of such shoes and walls use rubber to provide that downturn. The rubber can also protect your feet. Thus, these are some of the most secure shoes you can consider buying.

  • Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe: $169.00 – $185.00
  • La Sportiva TarantuLace Rock Climbing Shoe: $69.98 – $87.95
  • Climb X Apex Climbing Shoe: $79.95 – $89.95
  • Five Ten Verdon Vcs Climbing Shoe: $65.00 – $180.00
  • La Sportiva Unisex Genius Climbing Shoe: $195.00

These will set you back by $65 to $200. While the shoes might seem expensive but durable construction provides them with a long lifespan. As a result, you will not have to replace them anytime soon.

6. Bouldering Climbing Shoes

Well, that leaves us with only one terrain type. The one which consists of boulders, rocks, and other such obstacles. The climbing shoe which I am going to highlight now is not just suitable for such indoor terrain but also an outdoor one. That is why it is one of the most versatile options which you can consider.

The aggressive downturn, along with proper sensitivity, means that negotiating such terrain is quite easy. It mostly consists of the hybrid closure, which allows you to use it according to your requirements.

The feature of such shoes is that they are suitable for various maneuvers like heel hooking, toe hooking as well as getting a grip on tiny in-cuts. Due to this ability, it is one of the best options for experienced climbers.

  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe: $191.95 – $200.00
  • Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe: $169.00 – $185.00
  • So iLL The New Zero: $158.95 – $159.00
  • La Sportiva Men’s Skwama Climbing Shoe: $170.00
  • Five Ten Men’s Team Climbing Shoe: $122.50

Notice the increase in price?

Since it is suitable for obstacle-filled terrain, it is one of the best types of climbing shoes that you can consider buying. The cost can range from $120 to $200.

Upper Construction Distinction

The next classification on the list is pretty simple. It depends on the material in use in the upper of the shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is responsible for providing you with a proper grip. It can protect your feet as well. That is why the material in use in this part is pretty essential. Depending on the upper construction, there are two types of climbing shoes available. I will go into the details of these below.

7. Leather Climbing Shoes

Leather is one of the most widely used and durable materials. That is why more than half of the climbing shoes consist of natural leather. The durability of the leather is on the higher side, although it might take a while breaking in it (source). Also, it can handle more wear and tear. Due to this very reason, it is often expensive than the synthetic option.

Besides that, the aesthetic appearance of the real leather climbing shoes can vary from one shoe to another. That is because two pieces of genuine leather cannot be the same. The genuine leather is often wrinkled as it is entirely natural and does not undergo any processing. Thus, you can detect this leather easily and buy the right shoe.

  • La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace Rock Climbing Shoe: $80.00
  • HIFEOS Hiking Boots Leather Trekking Shoes: $56.98
  • Mad Rock Men’s Drifter Climbing Shoe: $75.00
  • Scarpa Men’s Force V Climbing Shoe: $138.95
  • Five Ten Men’s Rogue VCS Climbing Shoe: $59.88

The climbing shoes made from real leather start around $60 and can easily set you back up to $140. Considering the durability, they are still a good deal.

8. Synthetic Climbing Shoes

Synthetic climbing shoes use human-made leather. The reason why these shoes have become so popular is that they are more affordable as compared to the real ones.

If you compare the shoes on the cost as well as the aesthetic appearance, they can win over the climbing shoes made from real leather. However, the durability of genuine leather is on the higher side.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you will have to replace the synthetic climbing shoes in just a couple of months.

  • Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2019: $59.95
  • Scarpa Men’s Force V Climbing Shoe: $138.95
  • Scarpa Instinct S Climbing Shoes: $164.95
  • Climb X Rock-It NLV Women’s Strap Climbing Shoe: $44.95
  • La Sportiva OXYGYM Women’s Climbing Shoe: $99.00

The starting cost is lower at around $45, but at the peak, they can be as expensive as $170. If you’re going for the higher end one, it might be a better idea to go with the real leather ones.

Closure Cased Distinction

Which shoe closure mechanism do you prefer?

It is the most natural distinction among the climbing shoes. You can either go with slip-on or the Velcro one or the lace type. Each has its pros and cons. There is a cost difference between the three options as well, which I will highlight below.

9. Lace Closure Climbing Shoes

Do you prefer the laces due to the grip which it provides?

If yes, you can go with the options below. The advantage of laces is that you can customize the grip of the shoe. You can loosen the laces to get some relief when you are resting or have taken a break. That is why; these are a good option or climbs that are going to last hours.

  • La Sportiva Men’s Miura Climbing Shoe: $165.00
  • Black Diamond Mens Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes: $89.95
  • Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Climbing Shoe: $150.00
  • Climb X Apex Climbing Shoe (2019):$79.95
  • FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Hiking Boots: $52.99

These are comparatively cheaper, with a starting price of just around $50. However, they can go all the way up to $170. If you’re on a budget, you should not ignore the lace closure shoes.

10. Velcro Closure Climbing Shoes

Do you prefer using Velcro due to its time-saving nature?

If yes, you would be surprised that there are quite a few options available with the Velcro closure. I also prefer the Velcro and the slider over the lace one. The Velcro allows me to adjust the grip as well.

I will share with you a few options below of the Velcro closure shoes before I summarize the price range.

  • Climb X Gear Red Point Climbing Shoe 2019: $69.95
  • Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe: $175.00
  • La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Climbing Shoe: $89.95
  • Five Ten Hiangle Men’s Climbing Shoes: $135.00
  • SCARPA Women’s Reflex WMN-W: $109.00

These can set you back by $70 to $140 depending on the specific option which you choose.

11. Slipper Climbing Shoes

Want the convenience of a sliding shoe?

If yes, you might have to shell out more. The starting range is almost similar, but the price can climb up quickly if you’re looking for a quality slider shoe.

At the same time, you should be familiar with it to understand the grip which it provides. When you’re going with the slider shoe, it is essential to get the right size as it has limited grip customizing options.

  • Butora Sensa Climbing Shoe: $233.94
  • LETTON Down Shoes for Hiking Non-Slip Slippers: $59.99
  • Teva Ember Moc Women: $74.95
  • Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe: $112.50
  • Mad Rock Remora Climbing Shoe: $95.00

It can cost you anywhere from $60 to even $240. That is why; it is one of the most costly slip-on shoe categories which you can choose from.

What Factors Affect The Price of Climbing Shoes?

Some of the factors that affect the price of climbing shoes include:

  • Closure mechanism
  • Materials used in construction
  • Downturn
  • Terrain for which they are suitable

I have highlighted all of these distinctions above to help you pick the climbing shoe in your preferred budget.

Should I Get a New Pair of Climbing Shoes?

If you already own a pair, there is a chance you could keep it for a while instead of buying a new one. On that matter, I’ve dedicated 6 hours writing an article on when should you buy new climbing shoes.

I have mentioned there five warning signs that if your shoes do not feature, you may save some money by keeping your current pair.

Where Should You Buy Climbing Shoes From?

If you go to any nearest store, they might have only a limited variety when it comes to climbing shoes. A much better option is to go through my guide above and pick the right category.

You can choose depending on the price, construction, and, after that, buy it from sites like Amazon. Once you do so, it will be easy for you to compare various options and get them at the best prices.


Climbing shoes can generally cost between $30 – $260. The cost is so diverse because climbing shoes can be divided into 11 different categories (and even more), based on four various distinctions.

If you plan on buying the climbing shoe, rather than looking at the cost range, it is crucial to gain more information regarding the type which you want to purchase. After that, look at its cost range. It will help you understand how much you will have to spend at the end of today to get the climbing shoes which you want.

So, if you’re confused regarding the cost of climbing shoes, my guide above will help you out. It will help you pick the right climbing shoe without having to expand your budget. With my cost analysis above, choosing the right one is quick and easy.

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