The REAL Cost of Climbing Lessons for Beginners

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Rock climbing, whether indoors or outdoors, is a fantastic way to exercise, gain confidence, or even just have it as a hobby. You may be wondering just how much rock climbing lessons would cost as a beginner. Below, we’ve done the research and have the answers for you!

Indoor rock climbing lessons for beginners cost between $20-$30, while outdoor rock climbing for new climbers costs between $200-$300. The cost for lessons depends on the type of lesson, the length of the lesson, if it’s indoors or outdoors, and if equipment has to be purchased or not.

If you keep reading, we will get into the specific prices and examples for beginning rock climbing lessons. We have all the answers for you!

Cost of Indoor Beginning Climbing Lessons

If you are considering taking beginning indoor climbing lessons, you may be wondering what the typical cost would be. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! We have done the research and know the real cost you would most likely be paying for these beginning lessons.

For just the cost of a beginning climbing lesson for indoor climbing, it is typical to have to spend $20 to $30, plus any additional costs for buying or renting equipment. It’s important to note that the lengths of the lessons will vary depending on the location.

Below, we have examples of beginning indoor climbing lessons. Included are their prices, length of the lesson, and location.

Cost of Outdoor Beginning Climbing Lessons

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Outdoor climbing lessons typically cost more than indoor climbing lessons. If you are wanting to try an outdoor beginning climbing course, it’s essential to be aware of the costs. Outdoor beginning climbing lessons typically cost between $200 and $300. Some will have equipment available that is included in the cost, while others will require that you bring your own equipment.

Again, the cost will depend on the length of the lesson and the equipment requirements.

Cost of Equipment

Along with the general cost of the beginning rock climbing lesson, you will also have to pay for rock climbing equipment. This could be through the rental of the climbing facility, or through purchase on your own time. The cost of all the equipment may seem like a lot, but it is necessary for the safety and enjoyment of your rock climbing lesson.

Below are some of the most important things you will need to rock climb and some of the optional equipment that you can choose to buy or not.


Rock climbing shoes are one of the most important things you need for indoor and outdoor climbing lessons. You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have good shoes to do so. Depending on where you buy the climbing shoes, they will cost somewhere between $40 and $150.

Amazon has some great options for climbing shoes that you may want to consider. They have plenty of options to choose from for both men and women! Give it a good look!

Another possibility for climbing shoes for your lesson would be to rent them from the location you are taking the lesson at. Some locations will have shoes available to rent; just call ahead of time and see if that is an option for you. Shoe rental usually costs around $5 depending on the location.


The second thing you need for rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors, is a harness. The harness is what keeps you safe, and it is required for rock climbing. This can cost up to $80 depending on where you get it from. Again, Amazon has a few harnesses available for purchase.

If you want to rent a harness instead of buying one, you may be able to rent them at the location where you are taking lessons. Give them a call and see if they allow harness rentals. This would be a good option if you don’t plan on climbing that much or don’t want to spend too much money.


A rock climbing bag is a completely optional piece of equipment for rock climbing. Rock climbing bags are used to hold all of your equipment and make it easy if you plan on hiking in between climbing sessions. They usually cost around $40 or less.

If you decide to get a rock climbing bag, Amazon has some great bags available on its website that you should check out. If you have a bag that can fit your equipment, you can use that instead if you would like.


Chalk is another optional piece of equipment that is totally up to you when deciding whether or not to purchase it. Climbing chalk typically is used to help keep your hands dry when climbing. Your hands can easily become wet with sweat when climbing, which makes it very dangerous. Consider buying some rock climbing chalk to help keep those hands dry and your climbing experience safe. Luckily, rock climbing chalk usually only costs around $12 or less!

Amazon has many rock climbing chalk options for you! If you are indoor climbing, the facility may have chalk available for use. Double-check with them to see if that is an option for you or not.


If you want to go rock climbing, indoors or outdoors, you will need a carabiner. This is not optional; they are required for safe climbing. You can technically climb without a carabiner, but it is not recommended. They usually are around $30, and you can find them pretty much at any grocery store or on Amazon. The facility where you plan on climbing may have them available to rent.


You most likely want to use a helmet when rock climbing, especially for outdoor climbing. Places like REI and Amazon sell helmets for around $60. It is not necessarily required to have one, but it is highly recommended.


Another thing you may need to buy for rock climbing is appropriate clothing. Workout clothes like this can cost $20 to $100 depending on where you buy them. You will need flexible, easy-to-move-in clothes that are comfortable and lightweight. This will help you stay cool and flexible as you climb. If you already own clothes like this, you won’t need to purchase any.


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If you want to know some specific examples for indoor and outdoor beginning climbing lessons, below are a few examples.

Eugene, Oregon Indoor Climbing Lesson

At the Crux Climbing Gym, you can take beginning indoor climbing lessons today! They have a 15-20 minute belay lesson available for only $20 for 1 person and $30 for 2. They also have an Intro to Climbing course that lasts an hour and a half. This course is $65 per person.

This facility is dedicated to teaching you the basics of indoor rock climbing, and if you live around or are visiting Eugene, Oregon, consider going to the Crux Climbing Gym!

Chicago, Illinois Indoor Climbing Lesson

This indoor climbing gym has tons of lessons for your beginning climbing needs! They are located in Chicago and are called First Ascent Climbing and Fitness. They have a Learning to Boulder course that lasts a whole hour and only costs $29!

My favorite thing about this facility is that they have an Intro to Climbing package which lets you take multiple beginning classes from them and is only $100 for 1 person and $149 for 2. You could even do a family package for $199, which allows you to have two adults and all the children in the home to come and take the beginning climbing courses.

This facility is perfect for you if you are planning to be in Chicago and want to learn how to climb. Especially if you have more than one person! Consider taking a beginning climbing class at First Ascent Climbing and Fitness Gym!

Longmont, Colorado Outdoor Climbing Lesson

Want to climb the beautiful mountains of Colorado? Consider going to Colorado Mountain School where they have an Intro to Rock Climbing course for $199 that lasts for 8 hours. This is great if you really want a solid amount of time to learn how to climb outdoors.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Belay and rappel
  • Tie knots
  • Practice
  • Learn safety
  • Learn climbing basics

This location would be perfect for a climber who wants to climb for longer periods of time. Consider climbing here today!

Moab, Utah Outdoor Climbing Lesson

Moab, Utah has a great place to learn how to rock climb outdoors, called Red River Adventures. For their full-day lesson that lasts from 7:30 until 4 pm, 1 person can join the class for $275; 2 people for $187.50 each, and 3+ people for $150 each. The best part about this company is that they put your safety first and make it very clear what you will need to do and what you will learn.

Their website says you will learn how to:

  • Belay
  • Rappel
  • Anchor
  • Clean
  • Transition
  • Lead
  • Have the right equipment
  • Be safe and have fun!

This location is great for you if you plan on being in Utah and want to take a beginning outdoor climbing lesson. If you take a class here, you will not regret it!

Are There More Options?

Of course there are more options! There are always different options for places you can learn how to rock climb indoors and outdoors. These are just a few I found! Take a look online and search for indoor or outdoor beginning rock climbing courses near you. You will most likely find tons of options of locations right by you! Good luck!

Why is Outdoor Climbing More Expensive than Indoor Climbing?

If you read the above examples, you probably saw that outdoor rock climbing lessons are usually much more expensive than indoor rock climbing lessons. Why is this? Well, it’s because outdoor rock climbing is much more dangerous than indoor rock climbing. It is typically up very high and a fall could be fatal. It also requires more and better equipment and involves more skill. Your safety is worth the money!

Another reason outdoor rock climbing lessons cost more is because it normally takes longer. Indoor rock climbing courses shouldn’t take more than an hour or so, while outdoor climbing can take the whole day. This means that your course instructor has to be out there with you for however long it takes. This also means that they will have to get paid for that whole time. It may seem like a lot of money, but there are reasons it costs so much more than indoor climbing.


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Is beginning indoor and outdoor climbing lessons seem like it will cost too much money and is too much of a hassle? Well, there are a few other options for you that you can choose from if this is the case.

Rock Climbing Gym Membership

If you want to take beginning rock climbing lessons and see yourself climbing a lot, consider getting a rock climbing gym membership. This would allow you to save money and get you to go back and keep practicing what you learned from the lesson. At Momentum Climbing Gym, you can get an adult day pass for only $22 and a child day pass for $15. This pass sounds great to me!

If this option sounds like something you would want to do, look around near you and find climbing gyms that have memberships!

Have a Friend Teach You

Another great option for taking beginning rock climbing lessons is to have a knowledgeable friend teach you. In order to do this, you of course have to have a friend who knows how to climb. But if you do, it may save you time and money. If you choose this option, make sure your friend knows what they are doing.

When you are rock climbing, you always want to make sure your equipment is sturdy and your instructor knows how to help you and keep you safe!

Consider having a friend teach you how to rock climb so you can save tons of money! Good luck!

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