100 Outdoor Hobbies and Activities You Should Try

There are lots of fun activities and hobbies that can be performed outside. So let’s look at 100 examples of them.

1. Disc Golf

Anciently known to have a crowd much attuned to weed and beer, Disc Golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in America with a now very close-knit and kind community. Check out these insane stats to see how much it has grown in 2021.

Disc Golf is played like traditional golf without buying your way onto the course.

Young caucasian man in blue jacket playing disc golf on autumn play course with basket

2. Pickleball

Similar in growth and adoration to Disc Golf, pickleball is a racket sport that is unique because of its playability for all ages. Pickleball is easy to learn, easy to improve on, and addicting.

3. Spikeball

Another sport that is growing strongly is spikeball. Spikeball is perfect for those who like fast-paced games with quick reflexes and good eye-hand coordination.

4. Badminton

This racket sport is a casual and easy sport to play (as long as you’re not trying to make it to the Olympics). It isn’t very expensive and is easy for everyone to play which makes it a family-friendly sport.

5. TopGolf

Topgolf is a fast-growing golf company that is essentially a driving range, but more fun and centered around the driving aspect instead of the whole of golf. Golf balls are tracked electronically to see how far you can drive and there is a point system used to compete against friends!

6. Golf

This is a notoriously expensive and difficult sport but over 66 million people play it, so maybe try it before you judge it.

7. Tennis

Some people spend thousands of dollars on tennis-related features every year. You don’t have to as many parks offer tennis courts for free. Tennis is a wonderful sport to play and is both physically and mentally engaging.

8. Beach Volleyball

This can be played casually with friends or more seriously played as seen in the Olympics. Sand volleyball will leave you exhausted but it is incredibly fun and it feels so nice to have your feet in the sand and the sun on your back.

Group of friends playing beach volley on the beach.

9. Grass Volleyball

As a volleyball player, I can tell you there is a difference between beach volleyball and it’s worth understanding. With grass, it’s much easier to move around and it typically doesn’t make you as tired. Though diving for the ball is less fun than on sand…

10. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular past-times of younger generations and for good reason. You can have just as much fun playing by yourself and working on your shots as you can with a basketball team. It’s also nice that the only equipment you need is a ball (pretty cheap) and a court (outdoor ones are usually free).

11. Rugby

As a growing sport in the USA, rugby is one of my all-time favorite sports. Whether you play tackle or touch, rugby is a beautiful sport that is great for cardio. It also takes some clever tricks to be good at. It is definitely worth trying if you can find a group to play with.

12. Soccer

If the Earth had a national sport (global sport?) it would be soccer. So easy to learn and easy to access, millions of people across the world have fallen in love with soccer. Finding a group to play with should not be hard.

13. Ultimate Frisbee

This fast-paced and growing sport is wonderful because it is easy to play with any group of people you could be with. Whether playing on a competitive team or just your family, ultimate frisbee is sure to be super fun!

14. Softball

A favorite among aging adults (no offense to anyone), softball offers enough activity to be fun but not too much that you’re going to get hurt or get too tired to finish the game. This is another sport that is probably easy to find a group to play with.

Low angle close-up of home plate facing the outfield on a youth league baseball diamond.

15. Baseball

Softball’s faster cousin is essentially the same sport but with a smaller ball, larger field, and faster pitches (generally speaking). Baseball is great for people looking for a step up from softball but it is still easy to learn and play.

16. Miniature Golf

As one of the greatest casual activities to be invented, miniature golf takes the easier part of golf (putting) and adds obstacles like pirates, animals, tunnels, and more. A win-win if you ask me. This won’t be the cheapest hobby to take up but it is worth trying at least 50 times.

17. Axe Throwing

Depending on where you are from, this may sound normal or barbaric. But let me tell you: it is super fun. There are indoor places to do this but I know several people who have outdoor targets and I’ve also done it on campouts.

18. Kickball

Simultaneously harder and easier than softball, kickball is one of the most family-friendly sports to come about. It’s easier because it involves kicking the ball, but trying to catch that red rubber meatball and peg someone with it is not necessarily easier than softball.

19. Attend a Baseball Game

Attending a professional baseball game should be mandatory and you won’t be upset that it is. The actual viewing of a baseball game will probably not be the most memorable part, and that’s ok! The hotdogs, Dip-n-dots, foul balls, and small chairs make this such a staple of American summers.

20. Birdwatching

I always thought bird-watching was for the nerdiest of people, akin to reading an encyclopedia in your free time. Well, that is all wrong. I have several friends who go bird-watching and it’s more like a real-life scavenger hunt than a boring index of birds.

Adult male of eurasian bullfinch, pyrrhula pyrrhula, perched on the dry plant. Tranquil passerine resting on the meadow. Warm colourful photo of still bird with dirty beak sitting alone in nature.

21. Plant Identification

Similar to birdwatching, this is actually one of my wife’s wonderful past-times that is best done among other activities. She has a special app that can identify plants from a picture, and it’s surprisingly fun to do on hikes and similar activities.

22. Outdoor Concert

Another staple for the summer, outdoor concerts combine great, live music with the aesthetic of the great outdoors. It’s worth it to try it once. There’s probably a venue for everyone, as not everyone is going to enjoy a weed-filled Post Malone concert.

23. Cornhole

If you haven’t played cornhole, I’m sure you have a good reason. But don’t shy away anymore! It is super easy to play and so casual there’s a chance you won’t even finish the game.

24. Bottle Bash

Bottle Bash is a growing lawn game that is not easy to play, but learning to play is extremely fun! You have to throw a frisbee at a pole with a plastic bottle on top and there are different amounts of points depending on what happens. Hitting a pole with a frisbee is not easy, but I definitely recommend trying.

25. Slip-n-slide Kickball

Replace the bases with kitty pools and the running lanes with slip-n-slides and you’re in for one of the most surprisingly fun events of the summer. Not for the faint of heart, this is a favorite of college students and similar groups.

26. Fly a Kite

Classic. Just sing the song and give it a try.

Kites with blue sky and white clouds

27. Visit Hot Springs

This is going to be limited depending on where you live, but it is a fun experience! I went once in February during a cold winter and despite any part of you sticking out of the water being frozen, it is a memory I’ll never forget.

28. Rock Climbing

This will take a bit of learning to really get into, but those who know how to rock climb absolutely love it. Just make sure you’ve taken all the necessary safety precautions.

29. Bouldering

The poor man’s rock climbing (not really though since I find it way more fun) is essentially just free climbing on rocks. Certain hikes are conducive to bouldering but it is a favorite among those who don’t want to mess around with huge heights.

30. Hiking

This classic activity is something that everyone should do. The best part about hiking is the variety of hikes you can do. Some are so short they could be done in 30 minutes while others take planning and coordination.

31. Going on Walks

This is usually step 1 for anyone looking to ease into the great outdoors and exercise. Again, like hiking, walking is great because you can make it whatever you want it to be.

32. Gardening

This is another activity that has great variation in complexity and commitment. If you’re nervous, start with grass that doesn’t take skill to grow. Maybe try some flowers or raspberries. You can always add or take away to make things easier. Oh, also it’s good for the environment.

The gardener is planting a flower garden. Selective focus. nature.

33. Composting

Probably a companion to gardening, composting is environmentally friendly and great for gardens. What you may not realize is that it is surprisingly satisfying! Why is it so nice to slowly watch banana peels (without the sticker) turn into dirt? You tell me after you’ve tried it.

34. Scootering

Casual and relaxing, scootering is just a nice way to see what’s around you at a faster pace than walking. Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, so try some of those out if you want to do the same thing, for less energy, a faster speed, and some more money.

35. Mountain Biking

Make sure you’re being safe and are properly trained. Mountain biking is a very fast-growing sport because of the exercise, exhilaration, and environment. As long as you haven’t crashed, it is a thrill of a hobby.

36. RollerSkating/Blading

Oddly popular where I live, rollerskating or blading is another outdoor activity that is fun to master and flexible in experience.

37. Cycling

Easy to do just as a way to get outside and easy to make into a competition. Be the next to love this ageless past-time or the next Lance Armstrong, but maybe minus the steroids.

38. Skateboarding

Quickly turning into a common mode of transportation, especially among college students, skateboarding (along with its variations of longboarding and penny-boarding) is similar in experience to rollerskating, scootering, and cycling, but with a bit more difficulty and clout.

39. Zip-lining

Zip-lining is usually a bit expensive but you will be hard-pressed to find anything else that will give you an experience like it. Whether it’s through a ropes course or the Amazon, it is something everyone has to try at least once.

Man on zip line at tree top level

40. Matball

Matball is a variation of kickball that is, in my opinion, much more fun. The difference is you replace the bases with mats and you allow as many people on a base as can fit. Once you leave the mat you are obligated to run to the next base. This is the ideal sport for a very large group of people.

41. Star Gazing

Star gazing is a favorite of mine and is well worth it if you have two goals: learn the stars and get to know the people you go with. If you don’t have an interest in these two things you will be bored and probably cold.

42. Ghost in the Graveyard

One of the best games you can play at night. This works like hide-and-go-seek but once the hider is found it turns into a game like tag. I played it a ton growing up, and I have yet to grow tired of it.

43. Manhunt

Maybe the name isn’t super friendly, but hopefully the people you play with are! Manhunt is like tag, but instead of one tagger, there’s one person everyone is trying to tag. The fun aspect is that it is usually played over a large area like several neighborhoods. There’s also a version played with a group in a car. Try it.

44. Tubing

You need someone with a boat to do this one, but it is loved by everyone who tries it. You can start out simply by being pulled by the boat and escalate to a game of try not to fall off as the boat driver tries to throw you.

45. Barbecue

You’ve probably been to one but try hosting one! The environment is always friendly and fun and it’s a great way to get to know people.

46. Picnic

According to Hallmark movies, couples should picnic about every other day. Really though it is fun to go at least once and the level of complexity is up to you.

47. Bonfire

Usually done in the summer, try having a fire during every season of the year as the different experiences are all worth trying. Some people have small ones in the backyards while others have giant ones in the mountains. Just be safe and don’t break any laws.

Scrap by the sea late at night

48. Camping

Pretty much everyone I know has been camping at least a dozen times, but if you’ve never gone it’s very much worth it. Start with a one-night, 18-hour trip and if you like it, there’s almost literally no end to how much you can do it.

49. Backpacking

Backpacking is a more extreme version of camping where everything you carry with you is right on your back. This is for those who not only enjoy the outdoors but love the outdoors and want to be one step closer to it.

50. Float Down a River

Depending on the river, this will either be super fun or perhaps a little intense. It really is very fun and is great whether you’re on a first date or with your family.

51. Sunbathe

All you need is sunscreen (please wear sunscreen or some other tanning lotion) and probably fewer clothes than you’re wearing right now! It’s always more fun if you have a book or TV show to watch while you’re soaking up that beautiful sun.

52. Watching the Sunset/Sunrise

It’s better than just seeing a picture of it. They are integral to creating drama and intensity in a romantic movie, and after going to one you will understand why.

amazing summer rural landscape with sunrise, road and forest . scenery spring scene view

53. Grape picking

Every year my mom would pull me and my siblings out of school in October to go grape-picking in Naples, New York and those are some of my fondest memories.

54. Apple picking

A classic first-date idea, apple picking is turning work into fun, either creatively or cunningly. It’s great for families or friends and is popular enough that you typically have to be on top of it to make sure you don’t miss out.

55. Clean up a Beach

Most beaches are desperate for love that goes beyond its recreational purposes. Beaches need to be cleaned not only for people but for the wildlife that lives there as well.

56. Volunteer

This goes along with cleaning up a beach. Your community is probably in dire need of people willing to better the world around you, and there are probably more than a few that take place outside.

57. Photoshoot

Common among youth, driving somewhere beautiful for the purpose of taking memorable photos can be incredibly fun.

58. Paint

Paint something that isn’t a canvas! Your house, a birdbath, a fence, or a shed could use a coat of paint whether it’s practical or just to make it look more colorful! Pinterest is your friend for this activity.

Artist is painting an abstract picture

59. Bob Ross Real Life

Bob Ross has recently become super popular again, but try taking one of the best painting experiences outside! Beautiful nature scenes are all around and almost every time the experience is better than the result.

60. Ice Blocking

This is sledding but in warm weather. Take an ice block and put a towel over it and find a nice grassy hill to slide down! It’s extremely entertaining to both do and watch.

61. Attend a festival

Most cities have at least one festival a year and they’re always a hit. Whether it’s art, music, food, or culture, festivals provide hours worth of entertainment and are a great way to explore new things where you live.

62. Farmers Market

This is a great way to connect to the community in which you live. The food is always amazing and it’s fun to see the different kinds of foods that are grown all around you.

63. Explore the City

Wherever you live I’m sure you haven’t seen it all. Maybe that’s a good thing… but maybe there’s a whole world you’re missing out on!

64. Running/Jogging

Cropped photo of a professional sportswoman running near the banister on the bridge

Give it a try. The appeals are:

  1. Everyone knows how to do it
  2. It’s good for you
  3. It can be relaxing if you go at your own pace
  4. lets you see the world around you

There are tons of guides on how to maximize your running experience so try some of them out!

65. Meditate

Meditating means pretty much whatever you want it to mean. For many people, being outside helps clear your head and put you in a good mindset for life.

66. Yoga

Yoga can be done comfortably indoors at home or in a studio, but doing it outdoors really sets the tone and environment that is perfect for yoga. Everything about the nature around you, except maybe the uneven ground, is setting you up to have a relaxing yoga session.

67. Photography

If you want to start photography, outside is the place for you. Whether you are taking a class or just doing it for fun, everything from nature to buildings is basically made to be looked upon.

68. Slacklining

I am terrible at slacklining but I am still glad I tried it more than once! It is safe unless you are trying to make it unsafe and the challenge of balancing on a taught flat rope is kind of addicting. Fall off once and I’m sure you’ll try again.

69. Parkour

A trend popular in the past, parkour is still widely done today and there are many places and people to help you get into it. Wave when you’re on camera!

70. Paddle Boarding

Being on the water can be just as relaxing as being in the water. Paddle Boarding is slow-paced and peaceful especially if you’re not afraid of falling in.

Person on paddle board at sunset

71. Hammocking

A term that is pretty new to me, hammocking is simply just being in a hammock. Most people make an event out of it and travel somewhere pretty and bring a good book or “friend” along to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

72. Kayaking

It seems every time I go to a body of water someone is living it up in a kayak. It is super fun and not hard to do. There are even tours that you can take in kayaks and it should be on your bucket list.

73. Skimboarding

It is extremely fun to do. Find a nice big beach and try to ride those receding beach waves! Be careful though. I was having one of the most fun days of the summer until I broke my ankle…

74. Run a 5k

Yes, this is really just running but it’s running with external structure. There’s always someone putting on a 5k so find one and accomplish it!

75. Sidewalk Chalk

It started when you were 5 and drew a flower and can end with you winning an art competition. There’s more to it than you think.

76. Sprinkler under the Trampoline

If you have kids this is a winner every time. What is so fun about water shooting up at you? You usually try to avoid it but when you’re on a trampoline something changes inside of you.

77. Bocci

It might seem like an old man game, and even if it is it doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy every bit of it. There’s some magic touch that some people have so this is your big chance to see if you have it too.

78. Drive-in Theater

My family goes to a drive-in-movie every year and there’s not much like it. The selection of movies isn’t the greatest but the memories from it will be.

Wellfleet Drive In, Cape Cod

79. Projector Movie

Ok, so one of the things like a drive-in theater is watching a movie from a projector on the side of a house. Try watching Signs outside in the dark in October and not having a thrill.

80. Water Balloon Volleyball

This game is pretty easy. You and a partner hold out a towel and fling a water balloon to the other side of the net and cross your fingers the other people drop it.

81. Water Balloon Fight

Classic and fun for all ages! It’s a little annoying making the water balloons and slightly more annoying picking up all the remnants but soaking your sibling, friend, child, or parent in the stomach is never not funny.

82. Build a Snowman

A staple of the human experience, ask yourself if you have ever actually built a snowman. Was it just three balls of snow or did it have a hat, arms, and a face?

83. Sledding

Cheap, easy, and accessible to anyone who lives anywhere where it snows. Marching up a hill in snow gear with a sled is exhausting but you forget all about it once you’re flying down the hill on that same sled.

84. Ice Skating

I grew up in the North East where outdoor and homemade ice rinks were fairly common. Ice Skating is probably a thousand times better outside and is magical when it starts snowing.

85. Skiing

This would be an expensive hobby to start, but I don’t know a single person who hasn’t loved every second of it. I have a friend who frequently clocks over 80 mph and just 8 miles more might transport him back in time.

little girl learns to ski in the winter resort

86. Snowmobiling

I have a brother-in-law who will tell you snowmobiling is next to godliness. It’s a thrill and is fun even if you are just riding on the back.

87. Woodworking

I have a sister who has made a decent amount of wood projects and has had a decent amount of fun making wands out of wood. She claims it’s one of the most relaxing things to do and you can make so many beautiful things.

88. Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are universally loved and giving them a place to feed feels like helping an angel. I never get tired of watching their mesmerizing flights and it’s a special crowd-pleaser amongst kids.

89. Bug Catching

Maybe it’s a bit childish but maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

90. Hunting

Some find it cruel and others find it therapeutic. Hunting is so wide it variety that you’re going to really have to dive into some research to see what fits best for you.

91. Trapping

Less prep and less involved than hunting, trapping is not just an activity done by George Washington’s colleagues in the 1700s. Go ahead and try to catch a mouse or a moose.

92. Fishing

It’s only boring if you don’t care if you catch anything. Fishing is much more diverse than you know but anyone can give it a try! Whether you catch a sunfish or a tuna, you’re going to be excited when you feel that fish tug.

Angler catching the fish during sunrise

93. Marshmallow Fight

Take PVC pipe the same size as small marshmallows and have a backyard war. Reenacting a Revolutionary War battle with marshmallows is one of my most vivid memories as a kid and for good reasons.

94. Hang Gliding

Maybe it’s just me but I know more than a few people who hang glide regularly. There’s probably a hang gliding club near you that you don’t know and there’s probably a life-bettering experience in it for you.

95. Scavenger Hunt

I do not mean the ones your parents set up for you around the yard but if that’s what you want it to mean then go for it. What I do mean are the giant 24-hour ones that can take you across an entire state to complete.

96. Assassin

This game is long-term and takes some good planning, but it is so fun until you’re out. Essentially it’s tag with everyone trying to get a specific person out. However, it really takes on a special essence by being continually going over the span of multiple days (or weeks) until someone has gotten everyone out.

97. Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin patches tend to have more activities than just picking a pumpkin and it is the perfect activity for a fall day. You can spend 15 minutes there or 10 hours.

98. Corn Maze

These vary in size and so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

99. Drawing

Being artistic outside is a fulfillment of human nature. Yes, you can draw inside but it is not the same.

100. Reading

There truly is value to reading outside versus inside. It brings realism to whatever you’re reading and helps cut out distractions (unless you get distracted by bugs, birds, and breezes).

Middle aged woman sitting under a tree reading a book in the park

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