Best Hiking Boots With Vibram Soles (Men’s & Women’s)

Throughout the years of hiking, I learned that the highest quality of soles would be those made of Vibram rubber. Many times before, this company was my first choice when I had to pick a new pair. Now, I’ve decided to create a list of the best hiking boots with Vibram soles on the market. I was able to do so after reading countless reviews and opinions in forums, Youtube, and Amazon. Also, the listed boots have received the highest ratings, provided by thousands of voters. I haven’t tried all of these by myself, but I tend to trust the wisdom of the crowd when it comes to high expenses.

Here is a list of the best hiking boots with Vibram soles:

1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

2. Asolo Fugitive GTX Waterproof Hiking Boot

3. Dann er Mountain Hiking Boot

4. Vasque Mantra 2.0 Hiking Boot

5. Mishmi Takin Jampui Hiking Boot

1. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

You might be thinking, why is this hiking boot on top of my list?

The answer is because of its sturdy construction, Vibram sole, and comfortable insole. When you add this to the fact that it consists of supportive footbeds, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. 

If you wish to buy this pair, you could find it on Amazon here for men’s, and here for women’s.


The Vibram sole on offer provides you with excellent traction. At the same time, it ensures that you get a grip on any uneven terrain. The superb grip which it provides makes it suitable for warm-up as well as advanced hiking trails. A single hiking Boot can serve you on all your hiking trails. That is one of the reasons why these boots are on top of my list.


The construction of these boots is such that they would last for years together. The 100% suede leather construction and the mesh ensure that there are minimal wear and tear.

An additional feature is an insole; these boots feature a removable one. Also, the mesh lining means that your feet will always be comfortable even when wearing this pair for a long time.

The protective rubber toe cap can provide much-needed comfort and protection to your toes. It offers a closed-cell foam tongue, which means that it is entirely soft on your feet. When you look at the quality, it is up to the mark.


With two color variants and sizes available across the entire spectrum, finding the one which fits your feet perfectly is not an issue. You can choose the color and size one as per your preference, which is an advantage.

Other Features

The main feature which I like the most is the Air Cushion heel. I have already highlighted the toe cap, and due to the air cushion heel, the shocks get absorbed at the end of the feet as well. It provides you with proper protection on the front side as well as the backside.

Besides that, the EVA contoured footbed supports you throughout the foot. These two additional features make it even more comfortable.

2. Asolo Fugitive GTX Waterproof Hiking Boot

Are you looking for a waterproof hiking boot that is more aesthetically pleasing?

If yes, you should consider this option. Not only it uses different shades of colors but is also available in 5 color options. The aesthetic appearance is not the only reason why it is on my list. Once you go through the features below, you will understand why it is such a right hiking boot.

If these boots have already caught your eyes, you may find it on Amazon here.


The Asolo/Vibram sole of this hiking boot provides you with the traction which you want on the trail. Also, it increases the durability of the hiking boot, which means that you will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. 

The sole lugs enhance the traction and the grip even further. Due to the outsole design, it is one of the best hiking boots which you can buy.


Well, this hiking boot offers many features that might be on your wish list.

  • Reinforced Rubber heel? Check.
  • Reinforced Toe Box? Check.
  • Waterproof? Check.

Apart from this, it consists of the corduroy fabric which can protect your feet in any terrain and at the same time, is lightweight as well. That is why, in spite of all the features, the boot does not feel bulky. The thermoplastic support on offer ensures that even when using it on rough terrain, the impact on your feet is nil.

With the help of polyurethane midsole, the support which it can provide to your feet is much higher than many other options. In terms of construction quality, it will not give you any reason to complain.


With five different color options across the size spectrum, it is easy to find the preferred option. Moreover, each color option consists of a combination of different colors, which makes it aesthetically pleasing as well. It is one of the few hiking boots, which is as appealing as your sneakers or casual shoes. That is why; it scores highly on the aesthetics department as well.

Other Features

The breathable and lightweight upper of this hiking boot means that your feet will remain highly comfortable even when using it for hours together. The support which it provides, along with high durability, makes it an option that is hard to miss.

3. Dann er Mountain Hiking Boot

With Vibram Fuga outsole, this hiking boot can provide excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. That is why you can easily use it in any weather. Moreover, the waterproof upper means that your feet will always remain protected against the elements outside. There are other features as well, which makes this hiking boot such a right choice.

If you find this pair appealing, you can find it on Amazon here for men’s, and here for women’s.


The Vibram Fuga outsole ensures that the grip which you get is excellent. The grip remains constant irrespective of the terrain. It allows you to use the hiking Boot across the seasons effortlessly.


The suede upper increases the lifespan of this hiking boot. It also consists of the Danner Waterproof protection. The Ortholite footbed ensures proper comfort. The Vibram midsole provides that virtually unparalleled support. With the help of the TPU heel frame, the stability is on the higher side as well. The full-grain leather upper is waterproof and durable, which makes this hiking boot the right choice.


This pair offers 13 different color options across the entire size spectrum. As a result, finding the standard size variant as well as the wider one will not be an issue.

Other Features

In spite of these features, the hiking Boot is pretty lightweight. It is also vibration resistant, which minimizes wear and tear. The self-adaptive lug pattern of the Vibram outsole allows you to get a grip on any surface. With ample features on offer, it is one of the best hiking boots with Vibram soles.

4. Vasque Mantra 2.0 Hiking Boot

Do you prefer leather hiking boots?

If yes, this one consists of 100% leather and textile construction. The heel of 1.75″ makes it easy for you to navigate any terrain. However, it is stability, which makes this hiking boot the perfect choice.

If you are interested in this boot, you can find it on Amazon here for men’s, and here for women’s.


The Vibram sole consists of multi-directional lugs. These are angular, which means that the traction which you get on the trail is on the higher side. The midsole consists of polyurethane material, which increases the stability further. Thus, whichever sole you look at, it is highly efficient in design and provides proper stability and traction.


How about the construction of this shoe? Is it durable?

If these questions are plaguing your mind, then you have nothing to worry about.

The NuBuck leather upper makes the shoe breathable, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant. The thickness of 1.8 mm ensures that it is lightweight, as well.

The low cut design of the boot enhances stability. The EVA footbed can provide you with proper comfort throughout the length and breadth of the boot. The construction is in such a way that there is no compromise on traction or comfort.


These boots are available in the Beluga and Old Gold color combination. However, it is available across the size spectrum.

Other Features

The lacing system in this particular pair is not ordinary. It is the lacing system that ensures that you get the fit that you want. It will not take a lot of your time to lace up and get going. The efficiency of this makes it a perfect choice.

5. Mishmi Takin Jampui Hiking Boot

Are you looking for hiking boots with a unique design?

Worry not! The option which I am highlighting now is aesthetically pleasing but different from most designs that you will come across. That is why, when looking for something different, this one is a reliable choice. Apart from the looks, it has quite a few features, which is why it is on my list.

If you like this pair, you can easily find it on Amazon here.


Before I go further into the details of this shoe, let us look at the sole. It incorporates the Vibram Megagrip rubber sole. The outsole can provide you not only with traction on dry surfaces but on wet ones as well. It means that you can use it in monsoons as well as humid conditions. The flexibility of the sole is higher than other Vibram soles. Hence, you can use it not just on hiking trails but also for day-to-day use.


The Suede and Corduroy upper makes it abrasion-resistant and durable. The anatomically designed footbed is another improvement. It means that the humanized form can provide you with extra comfort. With the help of a breathable and waterproof membrane, the support is on the higher side. The construction of this hiking boot is the proper confluence of comfort as well as durability.


With various sizes available for men as well as women, picking the right one is not an issue. The board comes in 4 color options, which provide you with plenty of choices.

Other Features

The unisex design of this boot, coupled with the lightweight construction, means that it is suitable for a variety of applications. It is one of the most versatile hiking boots which you can use for daily applications as well. The versatility makes it an option which you should consider.

6. HANAGAL Tangula Waterproof Hiking Boots

The main reason why I have included this hiking boot on this list is because of its waterproof and breathable construction. It means that you can use it on muddy and rainy trails.

You can even use it in shallow streams. However, these features are just a start. It incorporates many unique features, which makes it the right choice.


With Vibram sole, you can be sure that it can provide you with an excellent grip on any terrain. Whether you want to use it on steep terrain or watery terrain or slippery terrain, the sole will help you out.

It also consists of a shock-absorbent EVA midsole, which can provide you with excellent cushioning. Thus, when it comes to the sole, you will have no complaints at all.


You might have noticed that I spoke about the waterproof and breathable construction above. It is due to the materials in use. It consists of a Vibram rubber sole along with Nubuck leather.

Additionally, the padded nylon mesh collar can provide you not only with proper comfort but also make the hiking boots more durable.

It consists of a 360° rubber rand as well. The advantage of the rubber rand is that it reinforces the entire construction and is also vibration resistant. When you look at the structure of this hiking boot, you will understand that it is as rugged as a hiking boot can get.


The hiking boot is available in 2 color options. It is available across the size variants, which means that choosing the right one is quite easy. Once you get the size right, getting a grip on any terrain is quite easy.

Other Features

Well, these aren’t the entire list of features that this hiking boot has to offer. I will go into the rest of the features now. It consists of an anti-coalition rubber toe cap. It means that your toes are protected against impact.

With the help of a gusseted tongue, you can be sure that no dirt and debris will enter your boots, either. The construction of the hiking boot also helps it in absorbing shocks. All these features make it a pretty good choice.

If you are interested in that boot, you could find it on Amazon here.

Are Vibram Soles Good For Hiking?

The company behind these soles has been out there since 1930’ and ever since been focused on providing the best durable and comfortable ones. They have produced soles for both military usage and outdoor activities (source).

From my experience, Vibram soles provide excellent stability and traction on almost any terrain, which is why they are suitable and good for hiking.

They offer the optimal combination of design and rubber compounds (source), to ensure extended durability and traction.

What is Unique About Vibram Soles?

I have highlighted the properties of Vibram soles above, although there are quite a few other reasons why they are unique. 

First of all, they are abrasion-resistant. It means that the durability is on the higher side, and you will not have to worry about replacing shoes with Vibram soles anytime soon. 

At the same time, the design is such that they can work on any surface with ease. Apart from this, the lug depth often helps you maneuver yourself without any issue. 

Moreover, these soles had been tested in extreme conditions, such as the world’s highest peaks with significantly low temperatures. Due to the firm compounds of rubber, they were able to perform without any trouble (source).

In my opinion, these features make Vibram soles unique and a wise choice when buying a new pair of boots.

Are Vibram Soles Comfortable?

Vibram soles are famous for traction and stability, but that does not mean that they are not comfortable. Along with this, the company has also focused on making the soles suitable for everyone. 

That is why, even when you’re using hiking boots with Vibram soles for hours together, there will be no discomfort.

What to Consider Before Buying Hiking Boots With Vibram Soles?

Are you convinced about hiking boots with Vibram soles?

The only issue now is to choose one among the six options that I have highlighted above. To do so, I will share the most crucial factors for consideration, so that you make a wise decision. 

  • Always look at the construction of the boot. The materials in use, along with the Vibram sole, will determine the durability.
  • Check your comfort, as well. It should ideally be comfortable, and only then; you can use it for hiking. Make sure you walk with the new pair for a while before purchasing it.
  • Hiking boots are primarily for trails, but aesthetics also matter. That is why I suggest you take a look at the design and the color options before making your buying decision. Go through all the buying options so you won’t regret once you get them.
  • Do not ignore the features of the boot that can provide you with additional protection. I’m speaking about rubber toe caps, cushioned, and even shock-resistant footbed. You should choose boots that can reduce the impact on your feet. If it consists of any of these features, that is a definite positive.

Once you compare the best hiking boots with Vibram soles on these four factors, it will become easy for you to pick the right one.


Are you planning your next hiking trip? Instead of using any substandard hiking boots, picking one from my list above can certainly help you. I haven’t tried these boots by myself, but the reviews I’ve read were extremely positive, as well as the total ratings.

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