Do Camping Cots Have Weight Limits?

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A concern for campers often is whether their camping cot will hold their weight, and for how long. The last thing anyone wants is to be sleeping and have your cot bail on you in the middle of a camping trip.

The average camping cot weight limit can hold about 250-350 pounds and is based on the average U.S. male height of 5’10” and weight of 130-170 pounds. Each camping cot has a weight limit based on the length and width of the cot. They come in different sizes, which decides how much they hold.

There are several factors that go into purchasing a sturdy camping cot, such as dimensions, materials, and manufacturing details. Keep reading to learn more!

Camping Cot Dimensions

All camping cots have certain dimensions to fit a person perfectly, but those dimensions come with a weight limit as well. When camping cots are sold, most of the time they are very sturdy, and the higher the weight capacity, the stronger it will be.

This is an average camping cot chart for weight capacity:

Cot Size NameMeasurements Max Weight LimitRecommended Weight Up To…
Junior or Child 52″L X 22″W 150 to 200 lbs. 100 to 135 Ibs.
Regular, Youth, Women’s, or Tall 74″L X 26″W225 to 275 Ibs. 150 to 180 Ibs.
Large, X-Large, Heavy-Duty, or Men’s78″L X 32″W 300 to 375 Ibs. 200 to 270 Ibs.
XX-Large, Super, King, Jumbo, 84″L X 40″W400 to 600 Ibs. any camper
(source), (source)

As long as you check the cot to see the weight limit and dimensions, you should be fine!

When it comes to the length of a cot, they’re usually longer than beds, so it’s very important to keep in mind the length. It’s not that common that the width of a cot doesn’t fit a tent, but more often it’s too long. (Source)

Basically, the larger the cot, the sturdier it will be. This will also make it more firm, which some people like and some people dislike.

What are the sturdiest materials a camping cot can be made of?

What makes a camp cot sturdy is mainly aluminum frames, which are also one of the most common frame materials. As for the bed part itself, usually, ripstop nylon materials are used and are best because they can hold up to 500 or 600 pounds. (Source)

It’s also very common to have a cot made of 600D x 300D polyester fabric with a vinyl coating. This is because it’s sturdy and also resistant to moisture, dirt, and stains. (Source)

Can you fit more than one person on a camping cot?

Most cots are made to fit one person comfortably and are on the narrow side for this reason. Although, it’s possible to buy a two-person camping cot. These ones are specifically made for two people, like a queen bed. These cots typically look like two cots that are basically just combined into one cot. They are made this way because there needs to be support from the middle on the ground. If there wasn’t center support, then the middle of the cot would sink in and the two people on the cot would just roll toward each other. Not very comfortable!

There’s even such a thing as a bunk-bed camping cot, where it is two cots are placed on top of each other. Bunk-bed cots come in all sizes. You might need a larger size than a two-person tent if you decide to use a two-person cot.

What to Avoid When Buying a Camping Cot

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If you are over six feet tall, you are going to want a cot that’s larger than a regular-sized one. This is because regular-sized cots are generally around 74″L X 26″W and won’t be comfortable for a tall person, even if the weight limit says that it’s over 300 Ibs.

Most of the time, manufacturers will state how the cot is able to hold such weights, and you won’t need to overshoot the weight capacity when shopping. But, if the product description is vague and only says the weight it holds without explaining why, then you should probably be skeptical and not go through with the purchase. (Source)

Camping Cot Basics

Camping cots are elevated sleeping surfaces that are perfect for camping or other use. It doubles as storage since they have legs and you can place things underneath it like a shelf and save floor space in your tent. The advantage that a cot has over air mattresses is that it can’t leak or deflate, plus it takes little time to set up. (Source)

Other names for camping cots:

  • folding cots
  • fold-up cots
  • foldable cots
  • camping beds

How Long Will My Camping Cot Last Me?

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In most cases, camping cots will last you years without breaking to a point of not being able to use them. A lot of people tend to pick a camping cot over an air mattress when camping because of the durability difference. This is because it uses materials like canvas and aluminum, which are very sturdy, and the metal part is typically rust-proof. (Source)

The main factor that could tarnish over time is the coils and hinges, but this can easily be avoided if you are taking good care of your cot. Obviously, the quality of your camping cot will also affect its durability. If it’s better quality, it will most likely last longer than a cheap, low-quality one. (Source)

One more aspect that can potentially increase its lifespan is the weight you use with the cot. If you are using a cot with a specific weight limit, and decide to sleep a camper on it that weighs less than that, it has a longer life expectancy. It’s not guaranteed, but it goes back to taking good care of your cot, and this would include sleeping campers on them that are under the weight limit. (Source)

How much does a camping cot weigh?

Generally, an average camping cot weighs about 14.7 Ibs, and an extra-large cot weighs roughly 27 lbs. Overall, camping cots range from 2.8 lbs. to 46.4 lbs. (Source)

It’s important to know how much your camping cot weighs depending on your camping trip. If you are backpacking and decided to bring one, then it’s nice to know how much weight you really want to be carrying for a long hiking distance. The cot may not be worth the extra weight.

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